【Self-Introduction】 Welcome to Edu-verse, a laid-back blog run by a former high school English teacher in Japan!


Who is managing the blog?

This time, I will answer this question.

Hello, I’m Kai.
Thank you for visiting my blog. This time, I’d like to give a brief self-introduction as an operator of this blog in English. I’m a graduate student in my 30s who have a strong intellectual curiosity. Currently, I live in Australia with my wife:)

Here’s a brief introduction:

From: Japan
University: University of Wollongong
Faculty: the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
Course: Master of Education (TESOL)
Hobbies: travelling, exploring cafes, watching movies, reading, sports, and people interaction!
Current life mission: Contributing to English education

My course commenced from July, and I’m literally in the middle of the spring session. Both the quality of study wise and facilities wise, University of Wollongong (UOW) is much nicer than I expected. What I need to emphasise as for hobbies is I enjoy reading FOR PLEASURE. lol

Honestly too much reading for academic purposes was overloaded these days, of course it provides me pedagogical knowledge tho.

Here’s a brief overview of my background relevant to my career:

2013: Took a leave of absence from university and studied abroad in Melbourne, Australia (about 1 year).
2014: Returned to university, took the teacher employment exam, graduated.
2015: 1st year as a teacher, assistant homeroom teacher for year10.
2016: 2nd year as a teacher, homeroom teacher for year10.
2017: 3rd year as a teacher, homeroom teacher for year11.
2018: 4th year as a teacher, homeroom teacher for year12.
(moved to the 2nd school)
2019: 5th year as a teacher, homeroom teacher for year10.
2020: 6th year as a teacher, homeroom teacher for year10, a Year-head teacher.
2021: 7th year as a teacher, homeroom teacher for year11, a Year-head teacher.
2022: 8th year as a teacher, homeroom teacher for year12, a Year-head teacher.
2023: Enrolled in the graduate program at UOW (Master of Education TESOL).

Although my career as a high school teacher began with nothing, through the experience from being a homeroom teacher to being in charge of a grade, I had the opportunity to see the inside and outside of school from a various perspectives.

Currently, I have retired from teaching and have been attending the Master of Education TESOL program at the University of Wollongong in Australia since July.

Studied abroad, became a teacher, traveled to Australia twice while being a teacher. And now, after retiring, I find myself in Australia again through some strange twists of fate.

Life is full of surprises covered in awesome sauce.

Surprisingly there were some kind messages asking me to write English articles, and now they brought me here. I’d like to write articles in English as well as Japanese ones as much as possible, so hope any readers will enjoy them:) I’m sharing beneficial information whose subjects are…

1) studying abroad
2) experience from a teacher
3) miscellaneous (random journals)

I’m also sharing snippets of local information from my study abroad experience on Instagram, so I’d be happy if you could take a look. I update at a relaxed pace. Rofl

Well then, cheers:)