Will Lost Items be Returned? A Story of Forgetting a Wallet on a Train in Australia.


Hello, this is Kai from UOW. Today’s post is like a daily journal.

It was just two days ago, on a Wednesday.
I met up with my wife after her finishing school, walked around Sydney leisurely. However, I got a stitch while on the train. As soon as we arrived at North Wollongong station, I headed for the restroom straight away and everything turned out fine. But the next day, Thursday afternoon, when I tried to go shopping, I realised something unbelievable.

… My wallet was missing.

Dafuq?! My wallet is gone!!!

I probably left it on the train. Due to the urgency caused by the stomachache, I couldn’t recall the details clearly… It contained my bank’s debit card, driver’s license, student ID, insurance card, library membership card, and 25 bucks in cash. And, of course, my precious wallet.

Such a dimwit, man…

I felt I was the most disappointing guy on the face of the earth then.

In a foreign land, Australia, and realising this just the day after I lost it, I miserably contacted Lost Property operated by New South Wales Transport. And today, Friday, after I temporarily disabled my bank card and reissue various documents like my student ID, I received a reply. The email said “Your wallet is at Penrith station.”


It was… there…?

It was!?

It was thereeeeee!!!

So, as stated in the message, I immediately called Penrith station to confirm if my wallet was there. While on a mini-trip from North Wollongong to Penrith, my wallet safely made its way back to me. Unfortunately, the cash was taken, but I was still relieved that everything else was intact.

Contacting Lost Property is as follows:

1. Jump to the page from the link and press “Report lost property.”

2. “What have you lost?”
Select the relevant item from “Select your lost item.”
Choose details.
If there are more than two items, add them using “Add item” below.

3. “When and where did you lose your item?”
Enter the date and time of the loss.
Enter the mode of transportation used (including the route).
Input additional information like the specific carriage you were on.

4. “Your contact details”
Enter your name and email address (if you prefer to be contacted by phone, provide your phone number).
Check the agreement box.

5. Press “Submit.”

It may seem a bit complicated in text, but it’s mostly a dropdown selection system.

From this experience, I can share the following:

  • If you leave something on the train, try emailing NSW Transport’s Lost Property.
  • Temporarily disabling and reissuing a bank card (Nab) can be easily done through the app (it will be sent within 5-7 days).
  • Reissuing a student ID costs $20.
  • Reissuing a driver’s license costs $29.

Well, as a basic premise, the most important thing is to be careful not to lose it in the first place! ROFL

How was it? When I was in Melbourne, I once forgot a jersey on a train and it never came back, so honestly, I didn’t expect it to return this time either. Of course, I think I was incredibly lucky, and I don’t take this for granted. However, if you ever leave something on a train, before giving up, try contacting Lost Property. Maybe those who are kind may deliver it to you 🙂

That’s all for now. Then, laters.